Life Skills for Teens


A home is just like a ship, the co-captains being the parents while the children are the crew. It is the parents who are in charge of preparing their teenagers for independence. So then the question becomes what abilities should the teenagers be equipped in to be able to face the world and sail the waters comfortably?

The following life skills curriculum are required to make the sailing comfortable for teens. Time management, Self-care, Relationships, Stress management and Money and finance


Time management

Utilizing time in order to be able to meet the basic essential for an individual is just as important as self care. Time management enables your teen to be able to wake up on time, arrive promptly on appointments, meet the school bus on time as well as meet deadlines. Sometimes neurological , emotions and sometimes physical factors may be the cause of deficiency in time management. Always seek guidance if your teen is always late.



Your teen needs to be able to take care of them by the end of adolescence. To prepare them the parent may lessen their level of involvement gradually from their daily lives. Continuing to be in control when your teen has grown stifles their growth and may alienate them. The parent or guardians role is to supervise them.



Teenagers look up to their parents for guidance even when they get into relationships at their teen. It is vital for the parent to validate the teenager's feelings by communicating in a respectful and mature manner.  The parents should be able to listen to the adolescents even when they do not make sense. If you want to learn more about Life Skills, you can visit


Cleanliness and organization

At this point the parent has already laid all the ground work. What is left is to teach your teen to close their bedroom if their rooms are too messy by your standards.


Stress management

This is an all-purpose skill that is useful to everyone. Adolescence is a time period when your child experiences tremendous changes both externally and internally. It is the high expectations that we place on them that causes high levels of stress.


Money and finance Teenagers should be taught how to handle their own money. They majorly acquire money through holiday gifts, birthdays and also weekly payments for completing chores. The main goal of this life skills curriculum is to make sure that the teens realize that they should spend their own money rather than borrowing.